Your RECs

We are the Resident Experience Coordinators, here to create events and ways for you to connect with fellow students and the university.

Linda Cipoloni

Hi! I’m Linda and I’ll be your REC for this year. I have just finished my BA in Media and Communications at Goldsmiths and I’m about to start my Masters in Creative and Cultural Entrepreneurship. 

I am from Italy and I moved to London three years ago to start University. I took a plane by myself and I arrived in a city I didn’t know at all, so I can help with any enquiries regarding adjusting to life in another country, moving by yourself and just learning to live in the moment, leaving behind fears and doubts (I think I managed the art of being instead of thinking, or at least that’s what I tell myself).

I love watching and readings about films, as well as cooking and coming up with a meal with what I have, and mostly, spending quality time with the people I love. 

I’m very into Astrology so when I meet people I always ask them about their sign. I always have fun doing people’s birth charts. I’m a Pisces, in case you are as curious as I am!

Last but not, oh well maybe, least:

I have been making YouTube videos since I was 14 but shhhh, it’s a secret…


  • Instagram: @Lindacipo96
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