What better to tour campus than a scavenger hunt with your flatmates? Sign up and join the fun while discovering the main buildings on campus.

What is a scavenger hunt?

A game where the goal is to collect as many items from a set list as possible. Our scavenger hunt is based on the main campus and the list of items will be pictures.

Basically that means that instead of collecting actual objects, you will be collecting pictures of specific spots around campus. We will send you a list of pictures that you have to replicate yourself with your teammates by going around campus and finding these same spots.

We hope by the time you’ve completed the hunt, you will know campus better than we do!

What about COVID-19?

We have created this event in the hopes that it can be a fun and safe experience for everyone involved. Remember to:

  • Team up with your household bubble, aka your flatmates.
  • Maintain a two-metre distance from others wherever possible, follow the signs on the floors, walls etc.
  • Wear a face covering if you can’t keep a safe distance apart. This includes shops and other enclosed spaces.
  • Wash your hands regularly and carry hand sanitiser. When entering and exiting Goldsmiths buildings, use the hand sanitiser dispensers.
  • Continue to limit contact with others. This is why your team has to be made up of your flatmates as you all belong to the same bubble and can safely participate in this together.
  • All points are accessible by foot and you will not need to take public transport. There might be some steps involved so please get in touch with us if you have questions about accessibility. As it is on campus, you can also access accessibility maps on the Goldsmiths website.
  • Stay away from large groups of people.

This is what you have to do to win the hunt:

  1. Look at the pictures below.
  2. Follow the clues to find the place.
  3. Take a picture of the place or imitate the RECS’ poses.
  4. Send the pictures to goldreslife@gmail.com
  5. Claim your prize at Loring Hall Management Centre.

Are you ready? Go!

Good luck to everyone!

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