Goldreslife’s Murder Mystery

A virtual ‘whodunnit’ mystery game perfect to celebrate the spooky holiday in style if you can’t go out!

What is a Murder Mystery game?

A murder mystery, as the name suggest, is a game where the aim is to solve a mysterious crime, most often a murder. If you have ever played Cluedo or read Agatha Christie, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and the likes you will have experienced a ‘murder mystery’. In real life they usually take the shape of a dinner party or social gathering, where people dress up and play specific characters to investigate and solve the crime. It’s all about role-playing and is really fun because you get to step into the shoes of someone else for a moment and showcase your acting skills.

The Goldreslife Murder Mystery

Our Murder Mystery game will be different from the norm.

1) It’s online, which makes it perfect for the current circumstances and those stuck in halls because we know Halloween just isn’t going to be the same this year.

2) We have created it from scratch so you cannot find the solution online!

3) We will have 2 types of players: playing characters and non-playing characters. You can find more information below and you will see your choice when purchasing your free ticket.

4) We have prizes for the winners! This is your chance to win a £25 Amazon voucher.

How can you participate?

Option 1: Playing Character

Sign-up to become one of the central characters of the game

The story involes a total of 8 characters, one being the victim and the other 7 are all suspects. We are looking for 7 students who want in on the action, who are really keen to put on a fancy dress costume (like you would dress up for Halloween), receive a character packet and transfrom themselves into a character for an evening.

These Playing Characters will be given character-specific information before the game and will be asked to familiarise themselves with who they are playing. During the course of the game they will have their cameras and microphones on and will act throughout the game. They will interact with other Playing Characters to discover new clues and discuss their theories. They will search rooms and evidence material and will be at the centre of the action. This is perfect for anyone who loves acting, is sociable and looking for a really different and exciting experience.

Option 2: Non-Playing Characters

Sign-up to join the fun from the sidelines

Non-Playing Characters may not be part of the plot or the pool of suspects but will still be part of the investigation. These characters will be given general information (the same information will be available to everyone, apart from character-specific details and clues) and will have to observe and analyse the interactions of the Playing Characters. They will collect information and clues and come up with their own theories. There will be dedicated times for Non-Playing Characters to discuss and debate their theories.

This is perfect for students who want to be part of the experience but are not too comfortablewith acting in front of a screen and would rather operate in the shadows of their own screen.

When, Where, How?

Friday 30th October 2020 at 7pm (be there or be square)


The platform will be confirmed ASAP but do not worry, keep an eye on this page and your emails and we will send you ALL the information you need.

We hope to see you there for a one of a kind event by your RECs!!!

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