Get to know Raymont Hall

Raymont Hall,63 Wickham Road, London SE4 1LX

Please note this was written at a time when there were not restrictions in place. Local area restrictions might affect what is open both in the area and common spaces within your accommodation. To find out more, visit


  • Located on Wickham road, it’s perfect for a balanced university experience. A short 20 minute walk away through the residential part of Brockley

Best Features

  • The greenery and flowers is one of our favourite aspects of Raymont Hall… especially on sunny days it’s the perfect place to be.
  • The common room and study room are connected, which is great for events when they are able to take place again (Note that access to communal areas may be affected due to the latest goverment restrictions.) My stay at Raymont Hall was wonderful, the serene background  helped me balance the crazy workload and general university stress as it offers the best of both worlds, a quiet and social environment.

Local Spots

  • Although Raymont Hall is slightly further from campus, that doesn’t compromise the variety of shops and nightlife in Brockley. The Brockley barrage is five minutes away as well as The Orchid, a bar and restaurant. Brockley Road has many restaurants, bars, grocery shops and barbers. One of my favourites is Masala Wala, which is a renowned family-owned Indian restaurant in Brockley.

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