Get to know Loring Hall

Loring Hall, St James, London SE14 6AH

Please note this was written at a time when there were not restrictions in place. Local area restrictions might affect what is open both in the area and common spaces within your accommodation. To find out more, visit


  • Loring Hall is the closest to main campus making it really convenient for those 9am lectures where you can roll out of bed and be in class in less than 15 minutes! Located outside New Cross Gate overground station, it’s perfect for those quick escapades to Central London and is well-connected to the rest of South East London because of its bus stops.
  • Top tip: download Citymapper so you always know which bus stop to go to. Look at the top of the bus stop and you will spot a letter or number which will indicate which bus stop is the one you need to wait at!

The Area

  • Loring Hall is very well-located for nightlife as it is just a very short walk away from the SU, New Cross House, New Cross Inn (DO NOT CONFUSE THE TWO, one is more equipped for live gigs and metal heads while the other thrives on 2-4-1 cocktails and affordable gourmet pub vibes) and most importantly, the Marquis, aka the HQ of most Goldsmiths students. (Note that we are going by goverment guidance, so the nightlife here has been put on hold until further notice!)

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